I love sharing hacks, strategies, and tools to make classroom life easier and more effective and sometimes that requires a deeper look than the teaching tips blog posts offer. These guides explore classroom issues in more depth and pull from both my experience and my PLN.

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Notable Notes: Professional Development
DMascle DMascle 3 years ago

I recently read an article by Ken Goldstein about why we should move away from performance reviews t… Read More

Notable Notes: Escaping Toxic Relationships
DMascle DMascle 4 years ago

I recently ended a professional relationship. That difficult decision and all the events that led up… Read More

Notable Notes: Connected Learning vs. Project-Based Learning
DMascle DMascle 4 years ago

I have been a fan of project-based learning for some time now. I use it in my classes and I blog abo… Read More

7 Rules for Teaching Writers
DMascle DMascle 4 years ago

I have been blogging away diligently for more than two years and it should be no surprise (on a blog… Read More

Notable Notes: Why Blog?
DMascle DMascle 4 years ago

I love blogging. I have blogged for years and have used blogging as a classroom tool for years. I ha… Read More



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