One of the reasons I named my blog “Metawriting” is because I believe being a reflective practitioner (nod to the National Writing Project) is an essential part of my professional development continuum. The posts in this category include my ruminations about teaching, education, learning, and life.

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(Re)Mediating Who We Are and What We Do - a #CLMOOC challenge
DMascle DMascle 5 years ago

This week I have been playing with remediation – not the kind of remediation required of me when I w… Read More

I wish you knew...
DMascle DMascle 5 years ago

I wish you knew the damage your actions have wreaked upon my will. I love teaching and I love the… Read More

Can We Talk About Authentic Writing?
DMascle DMascle 9 months ago

As a writing instructor and National Writing Project site director I often hear and read the term "… Read More

Reflecting on CLMOOC
DMascle DMascle 6 years ago

Praise To The Teacher Writer - A make I created with Haiku Deck, Typical of my CLMOOC participation, I am coming late to the game for the last week which focused on “Connections and Reflections”… Read More

Hacking Our Writing
DMascle DMascle 6 years ago

The Making Learning Connected experience has been good for me on many levels. I am struggling to fin… Read More



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