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In keeping with the Year in Review tradition, this post is a quick snapshot of the past year on the Metawriting blog. I have a blogging app that creates an annual report if you are interested, but here are the highlights (in my opinion).

Most popular Notable Notes posts:


Most popular blog posts:


The posts most near and dear to my heart:


It is interesting to note that while my focus continues to be on writing that I have also written a lot about learning. As I continue to search for my One Little Word for 2016, I considered empathy due to my current emotional state and my concern for my students as evidenced by four of my five favorites. But I think I will need to continue my search. Empathy is a marvelous word and should guide all our lives, but I think I need something more powerful to get me through just now.

While not everyone has a blog to allow them to take a walk down memory lane and consider the issues and ideas that resonated with them over the past year, I strongly suggest you find a way to mark those important events, celebrate your successes, and learn from your struggles. Why not blog or journal? What is your take-away from 2015?

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