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Teaching Writing in the AI Era

I have mostly ignored the AI-panic on the teacher socials because early on John Warner wrote “ChatGPT Can’t Kill Anything…

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Awesome Year to Become a National Writing Project Teacher Leader

My journey with the National Writing Project has been a joyous ride with too many notable moments and people to…

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Reflective Feedback Loops

Developing as a writer is a journey not a process, but that journey is not a straight line with clear…

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Logbook Love

A logbook (or log book) is a record used to record states, events, or conditions applicable to complex machines or the personnel who…

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2023: Craft and Community

What’s New? The National Writing Project played an important role in the teacher I am today. My journey with the…

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Zest: Adding flavor in 2024

I have been thinking about the One Little Word that would guide me in 2024. This is my 10th year…