Notable Notes: Literacy, Choice, and More

Years ago I started blogging “Notable Notes” as a way to curate the posts and articles that caught my interest and somewhere along the way I started focusing those “Notable Notes” on a particular topic. Both are useful, but I fear that too many useful ideas shared by my #PLN are forgotten after a (re)tweet and so I am experimenting with Twitter Moments to collect some of the most useful ideas.


Literacy (especially writing and publishing), creativity, and connected learning were very popular topics among my PLN this week including a personal argument for writing, an argument for choice in reading (5 reasons that work equally well for writing in my opinion), an LRNG winner report about project-based learning, a NWP teacher helping her students explore cultural identity, blogging, student productions (podcasting, videos, and multi-media blogs), reflection about learning, critical and creative thinking, and the definition of literacy. Check out my Twitter moments collection for links to these posts.


This is an important issue for me and many members of my PLN — and curiously, or not, almost all of the items shared about choice fell under literacy. Emphasizing for those who have been asleep at the wheel – giving students choice over what they read, write, and produce improves engagement and learning. It also makes it a lot more fun for everyone — just saying.


Some other topics I highlighted this week include developing and supporting student talent, higher education, teacher evaluation, the future of education, and fads (or not) in education.

Check out my Twitter moments collection for links to these posts. How do you curate or collect interesting ideas from your PLN?

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Author: Deanna Mascle
#TeachingWriting and leading #NWP site @ Morehead State (KY): Passionate about #AuthenticWriting, #DeeperLearning, #PBL, #Ungrading, and #HyperDocs.

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