Where Do You Find Joy?

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batmanAfter spending the morning panicking at the thought of all I need to accomplish within the next seven days, I have decided to instead focus on the positive aspects of my life at this moment. I need to spend more time counting my blessings instead of my unfinished tasks (and I suspect I am not alone).

supermanYesterday was incredibly busy professionally and personally, but as this blog is more about the professional I will focus on those elements. I had the opportunity for some great one-on-one conversations with some professional writing students planning some very exciting (to them and to me) projects. I also got the chance to meet one of my online First Year Seminar students in person. The cap on the day was the chance to listen to my face-to-face First Year Seminar students discuss the cultural, historical, philosophical, and psychological underpinnings of comics and begin to develop research questions exploring these ideas. I get paid to discuss the Mythology of Superman and the Psychology of the Dark Knight and to help my students reach for their dreams – is there a better job?

Today I am busy grading literacy narratives from my FYS students and Activity Reports about their personal learning networks from my professional writing students. While I try not to think about the number of assignments I have yet to grade, I learn a lot about my students as well as their path to and from Morehead State through these assignments. Once I am immersed in them, it is easy to lose track of everything else. But I can’t lose track as I still need to prepare for a conference presentation – but there I will get a chance to tell other educators about the tremendous potential of comics to support a number of educational goals.

Tomorrow will be filled with individual conferences with my professional writing students as they plan their passion projects – pretty exciting work. I will also get the chance to meet some students interested in helping the Morehead Writing Project’s celebration of the National Day On Writing – which is going to be even more awesome and fun than last year.

Simply thinking about all that I have to do as the blessings they are has helped lower my blood pressure (really, I just checked). Where do you find the joy in your work? I am lucky because my job includes directing the Morehead Writing Project with all its awesome programs and this semester I am teaching terrific classes that challenge and inspire me (and students tell me the experience is mutual).

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