Notable Notes: Gameful design, teacher support, etc.

Last week was a very busy week full of teacher leadership and professional development opportunities, so I am behind with my notes and the list did not seem as long as usual as a result. I suppose I wasn’t on social media as much to capture the awesomeness of my #PLN. However, my curated collection (culminating on June 25) includes some really great tidbits including gameful design, teacher support, and the usual suspects (inquiry/PBL, interaction, literacy).

Gameful Design

I was really drawn to the article from Educause about gameful design (Gameful design thus looks at the elements that make games, or other forms of engagement, intriguing and then applies those principles to educational experiences), but I also loved the pieces about inquiry-based learning, PBL, and doubtful discussion shared by my PLN.

Teacher Innovation

I was heartened by the Edsurge story about school systems supporting and encouraging teacher innovation. We need to see more of this. There were also some good posts about teacher writing groups, interactive teaching, conferring, and soft skills although Peter Green’s post about the future of education was disheartening because I fear he is right. I want to believe in the future the Edsurge article shows us and I will fight for that vision, but the establishment supports the narrow, restrictive education system Green describes.


And of course, what would a roundup be without at least some discussion of reading, writing, and digital literacy?

So last week my PLN was focused on innovation and literacy — what was yours talking about?

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