Resist: My #OLW for 2021

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Electric resistance as human, teacher, writer

Why resist? Because 2021 will be about resisting the urge to complacency for my comfortably white middle-aged self. The elections are over and the party of status quo lost the White House and Hate’s figurehead is deposed even if he is still gripping the carpet like a toddler being dragged off to bed. But this is not a victory. Too many have been lost and will still be lost if we subside back into our comfortable shells. I must resist this urge and keep my fists clenched and my eyes on the horizon.

Resistance is even more relevant to my teaching life because I must resist the urge to let the status quo regain its grip on education and in particular the teaching of writing. If there is one lesson I will take from this year it is that writing is too powerful a weapon and too potent an elixir to allow the powers-that-be to withhold it. I must advocate and encourage and proselytize for the written word because our lives depend upon it. I must guide teachers of writers to the promised land where we walk beside, write with, and celebrate our writers.

And when I am at last released from my cage I must resist to return to life as before, leaving my writing only for special occasions or in response to special invitations. I must transform myself into someone who is always a writer, a creative, a doer. That is my resolution for 2021 because that will help me be my most authentic self.


  • The symbol chosen for the image above is the Ohm which represents a measure of electrical resistance. Resistance is a measure of the opposition to current flow in an electrical circuit. The symbol is also the Greek letter omega. Both seem very fitting choices to illustrate my resolution.
  • Focusing my subheading on electric resistance continued this theme as I used this blog post to share the six word memoir I composed for #WalkMyWorld. I want my resistance to be exciting and full of energy. I want to deliver a shock when I touch you.
  • Like many I have been thinking about resistance through much of 2020 and in fact chose to make it the theme for a recent virtual writing marathon I led. I highly recommend exploring resistance in your reflections.
  • This is the latest in a long line of #OLW chosen to guide my year: see 2020: Heal, 2019: Connect,  2018: Question, 2017: Light, 2016: Cool, and 2015: Simplicity


  • Beautiful! What a way for me to greet my first day back at work in this new year. Thank you, Deanna. I look forward to standing up, writing, and creating with you this year.

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