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Zest: Adding flavor in 2024

I have been thinking about the One Little Word that would guide me in 2024. This is my 10th year…

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The Last Mile Problem

In supply chain management last-mile describes a similar problem for transporting either people or freight. In freight networks, parcels can be delivered…

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High Voltage Warning

What’s New? Today my students wrote in response to We Should Make a Documentary About Spades by Terrance Hayes. We…

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A Poetic Invitation (to the third power)

In One Poem to Rule Them All I wrote about the process of selecting one powerful poem designed to serve…

At first glance it would seem black horses are walking on desert land, while actually these are zebras walking in shallow water.
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Writing Reflection

What’s New? This semester I shifted my students’ weekly reflections from a private channel to the public channel – making…

a white lighthouse with a red cap on a rocky hill with a blue slightly cloudy sky in the background and a pool of water with the reflection of the lighthouse in the foreground
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One Poem to Rule Them All

What’s New? While my fall semester involved introducing many amazing poems to my students during our writing journey, my spring…