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Traditional <=> Virtual Instruction and Community

I am tired of people stating that online education is lesser or doesn’t work as if that is a fact….

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What’s Really New? This semester was a simple refinement of this introduction process with an orientation/annotation process and a focus…

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What If We Told the Story of Our Values

What’s New? This year I kept the same structure for my What If Unit but switched in some new poems…

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Spark: My #OLW for 2022 (and beyond)

What’s New? Spark is SO last year but continues to be my guide in the classroom and in life. As…

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Poetry in Comp Class?

What’s Really New? I mixed in a lot of new poetry this semester which really stepped up our writing and…

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Considering the #OLW

What’s Really New? If I was forced to pick my One Little Word for 2024 right now then it would…