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Collections of resources to supporting teaching ranging from pedagogical tips to content strategies.

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Reflective Feedback Loops

Developing as a writer is a journey not a process, but that journey is not a straight line with clear…

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Logbook Love

A logbook (or log book) is a record used to record states, events, or conditions applicable to complex machines or the personnel who…

a close up view of a lit sparkler shooting sparks in the darkness
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Creating a Joyfully Authentic Community

What’s New? As we near the end of the semester our community of writers is reaping the benefits in so…

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Slant Essays: From Game Jams to Poetry

What’s New? Two years of slant essays and there is no going back for this writing teacher! I love showing…

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Telling Our Stories In 6 Words

My love affair with 6-word memoirs or 6-word stories began with the National Writing Project at one of the first…

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Conversations About Problems and Solutions

Both of my grandfathers were farmers in Upstate New York which means that for me barns should be red and…