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Why I Care About Authentic Writing

Inauthentic disposable writing assignments do not make writers and do not help students learn how to write. Authentic writing breaks that shameful cycle and shows students that writing matters and that writers wield power.

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Triangle Power

The triangle is the strongest shape, capable of holding its shape, having a strongbase, and providing immense support. Some of the…

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This I Believe: Using games to teach writing rocks

What’s New? This week I will kick off my fifth iteration of using games to teach writing and I continue…

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It’s A Journey Not A Process

I have a lot of issues with the term “writing process” as I have noted here and here, but I…

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Logbooks and #Ungrading: Creating a writing studio

What’s New? Almost a year later, the underlying structure remains the same and yet I continue to stretch and grow…

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Traditional <=> Virtual Instruction and Community

I am tired of people stating that online education is lesser or doesn’t work as if that is a fact….