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Logbook Love

A logbook (or log book) is a record used to record states, events, or conditions applicable to complex machines or the personnel who…

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2023: Craft and Community

2023 was a year devoted to writing craft and writing communities. While I faced some professional challenges, it was also…

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The Last Mile Problem

In supply chain management last-mile describes a similar problem for transporting either people or freight. In freight networks, parcels can be delivered…

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High Voltage Warning

What’s New? Today my students wrote in response to We Should Make a Documentary About Spades by Terrance Hayes. We…

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A Poetic Invitation (to the third power)

In One Poem to Rule Them All I wrote about the process of selecting one powerful poem designed to serve…

a white lighthouse with a red cap on a rocky hill with a blue slightly cloudy sky in the background and a pool of water with the reflection of the lighthouse in the foreground
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One Poem to Rule Them All

What’s New? While my fall semester involved introducing many amazing poems to my students during our writing journey, my spring…