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Logbook Love

A logbook (or log book) is a record used to record states, events, or conditions applicable to complex machines or the personnel who…

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2023: Craft and Community

What’s New? The National Writing Project played an important role in the teacher I am today. My journey with the…

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The Last Mile Problem

In supply chain management last-mile describes a similar problem for transporting either people or freight. In freight networks, parcels can be delivered…

At first glance it would seem black horses are walking on desert land, while actually these are zebras walking in shallow water.
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Writing Reflection

What’s New? This semester I shifted my students’ weekly reflections from a private channel to the public channel – making…

a close up view of a lit sparkler shooting sparks in the darkness
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Creating a Joyfully Authentic Community

What’s New? As we near the end of the semester our community of writers is reaping the benefits in so…

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Slant Essays: From Game Jams to Poetry

What’s New? Two years of slant essays and there is no going back for this writing teacher! I love showing…