(Re)mediating the Meaning of #CLMOOC for Make Cycle #2

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The challenge for the 2016 #CLMOOC Make Cycle 2 was to find ways to reach out, dig deeper, to discover the very heartbeat of CLMOOC. This idea is also the theme of my classes — especially my general education classes — as I continually challenge my students to dig deeper and peel back the layers of meaning in texts (whether their own or those of others). I am still thinking about the ways I can use some of these ideas to help my students on their own journeys, but for now it is my time to play, to experiment, and to learn.

I began my journey on Monday by creating a CLMOOC Found Poem inspired by the blog directory. I created it in Hackpad with the idea that others could join and play. I may return to this later if I have time. But I wasn’t sure that I was fulfilling the mission for the week. I wanted to dig deeper into another CLMOOC blog, but it seemed so hard to pick just one although I was mightily tempted by Helen DeWaard and Raymond Maxwell.

So I started exploring and playing with the various channels (G+, Facebook, and Twitter) and then I was struck by a series of images that had been shared and I thought I saw a theme that epitomized CLMOOC for me and the tanka poem above was born. But I knew that simply writing text would not be enough. First of all, because it was images that inspired me and I wanted to carry that idea of movement and flight forward but also because this is CLMOOC and we need to experiment and play.

I was drawn to the idea of including some gifs because they were not static. I briefly toyed with the idea of using some sort of compilation program that would build my selected gifs together into one new gif but there was only so much time to play and I didn’t really have the time (or inclination) to experiment with a new tool so I simply built my giphy poem in Powerpoint then saved the presentation as a video and uploaded to Youtube and boom: the CLMOOC Tanka video was ready for primetime!

I have loved the many layers of collaboration and connection we have created this Make Cycle and hope I can find ways to inspire similar weaving when my classes start back up this fall. How important do you think collaboration is to learning? Do you encourage your students to dig deeper and pull back the layers?

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