Reciprocity Found in #CLMOOC Make Cycle 2

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The invitation for the 2016 #CLMOOC Make Cycle 2 was for “reciprocating with gratitude and generosity.” This is certainly an idea that I can get behind. One of the things I love about the ways we play and explore together in CLMOOC is the many ways we are inspired by each other’s ideas as well as the fun and inventive ways that community members remediate those ideas. (for example, check the comments to see the ways people remediated the word cloud I created for my post reflecting on the ideas that inspired me during Make Cycle 1, there are a lot of levels of remediation going on here)

I haven’t reviewed the ways that others are choosing to respond to this invitation, because, unless I am really stuck, I like to start off with something of my own, and, I only have so much time for CLMOOC each day. Of course, my idea is not original or new as it simply a found poem. As you will note in the remediation links above, we have already been playing with found poetry in the CLMOOC playground. I love playing with found poetry and creating something new and interesting out of the words and ideas inspired by others and it seems that poetry is something we are all drawn to this year.

life-is-an-echo-ziglarI chose to create this CLMOOC inspired found poem using simply the blog directory because that seemed simpler and more focused than criss-crossing the social media spaces we use. There are limitation as not everyone has submitted their blog to the directory yet (I only just added myself today), but it did allow me to access a few folks I had somehow missed in previous explorations. My process was simple, the first line began with the information the blogger provided in response to the form and the second line was drawn from the blog posts in some way. I think it was kind of fun and interesting and provides a framework for future digging as time allows. I also chose to publish my poem using Hackpad as this will allow others, especially the bloggers I’ve included, to interact with my poem as they choose. Consider this your invitation to participate!

I’m already thinking about ways that this kind of activity could help my students interact with the ideas and texts that they create. I expect that idea will percolate and be further inspired by the other reciprocal remediations created this week. As the quote by Zig Ziglar suggestion, I believe that reciprocity should be the heart of each class or learning experience. I think it changes the dynamic of the experience for both leader and learner as it makes those roles more fluid and flexible. What role do you think reciprocity plays in learning?

Artwork by Randen Pederson on Flickr.

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