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I have decided to make this Notable Notes post about the #onelittleword (or #OLW) concept. Last year, I chose “Simplicity” as my one little word, but this year I have been wrestling to find the word to guide my year. I am in a bit of a blue funk and I am struggling each day just to function, so I really need a good word, a powerful word, a magical word…but no pressure. So, in an effort to break through this log jam, I will explore what others have chosen as their guiding word or mantra.

One great place to begin is with Ali Edwards’ One Little Word project. Where you can join a workshop community to embrace your word and use it to guide your whole year. She writes a post each year announcing her own word choice and many others post their words in the comments so it is an useful place to begin. The two words that particularly intrigued me were thrive, because it is something I currently need help with, and open, because in my current fragile state it scares the pants off me.

Another great place to explore was the Two Writing Teachers blog which inspired me last year. Tara Smith’s word “believe” is a balm that might work for me. Kathleen Sokolowski’s “happy” is good advice but just too much pressure right now as is Dana Murphy’s “joy.” Stacey Shubitzgratitude” is something that would normally appeal to me as counting my blessings has gotten me through tough times in the past, but I’m feeling too bruised and battered for that to work just now. Beth Moore’s “play” is definitely a good idea as it is something I believe in wholeheartedly (for all of us!) and it might be the best path to healing.

My friend Kim Douillard inspired me with her choice of the word “expand” and her thoughtful blog post about the choice.

Another inspiration was Kym Mulhern’s post about her 2015 word “journey” as this idea appeals to me on several levels (although I need a tougher word like trek or odyssey).

I like the idea of Kristine Foley’s 2014 word as well because “push” can work for me on so many levels (although maybe not in the positive sense she writes).

Gina Alyse chose the word “bright” as her focus for the year and I find myself intrigued by this word. It is hopeful and optimistic, and I need that, but seems to carry less baggage than some of the other positive words.

Perhaps I am putting too much pressure on myself and I need to follow Darin Johnson’s lead and just “be.”

But now I just need to continue my search and reflection as I consider what I want from my year and what I hope for myself this year and beyond.

What is your #onelittleword for 2016 and what led you to it? I hope you will share your #olw inspirations with me!

Note: Margaret Simon shared this great lesson for finding your #OneLittleWord!

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