Notable Notes: Literacy, engagement, comics and games, and pedagogy

This is my second week collecting interesting Tweets and conversations from my #PLN using Twitter moments. Still not 100% sure this is the right technique but it is better than losing all these interesting ideas forever.

Literacy was again a common theme with lots of reflection about literacy in general as well as reading, writing, reflection, and curation.

Pedagogy and student engagement, especially supporting choice and PBL were important conversations.

Finally, some pretty interesting conversations and ideas related to games and comics – both topics near and dear to my heart.

What was your #PLN talking about this week? Check out my June 3 curated collection from my #PLN.

Artwork from Pexels

Author: Deanna Mascle
#TeachingWriting and leading #NWP site @ Morehead State (KY): Passionate about #AuthenticWriting, #DeeperLearning, #PBL, #Ungrading, and #HyperDocs.

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