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Rethinking the Author’s Agenda

What’s New? This week I worked with my first year writers to set goals for their current writing projects (This…

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HyperDoc Templates, Logbooks, and Agency

Teaching with HyperDocs (Google docs guiding a learning cycle) continues to bring me joy and support my students’ learning (before…

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Do You Know Your Why?

Every teacher knows their what. It is often part of our contract or presented in some other formal document before…

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The Open Online Texts I Use To Mentor and Inspire

What’s New? I’m teaching advanced expository writing this semester. Currently I plan to use Purdue Online Writing Lab, Writing Commons,…

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Your PLN is Your (Pandemic) Multi-Purpose Survival Tool

Whenever I need to write out the words that comprise PLN I always pause because I can never remember if…

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We Need More Writing Marathons

One of the things I have missed the most about pre-pandemic teaching and learning is writing with my students. In…