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Why I Care About Authentic Writing

Inauthentic disposable writing assignments do not make writers and do not help students learn how to write. Authentic writing breaks that shameful cycle and shows students that writing matters and that writers wield power.

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How We Began

I have always put a lot of thought into how I begin each semester – especially in the fall when…

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Jam Session or Writing Marathon?

My heart sank when I read the email from my department chair that one of my online classes for the…

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Authentic Teaching

One of my mentor teachers had a line that echoes in my head many years after we lost her: be…

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Rethinking the Author’s Agenda

What’s New? This week I worked with my first year writers to set goals for their current writing projects (This…

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HyperDoc Templates, Logbooks, and Agency

What’s New? My love of hyperdocs continues to be steadfast and I don’t expect to ever abandon them. Hyperdocs are…