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Tips for making learning fun, building community, and relieving stress (for both instructor and student)

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How Do You Introduce Yourself? I Use Superhero Stories!

What’s New? Introductions and first impressions matter. I put a lot of thought into the first activities of every new…

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How Do You Build Class Community?

The first advice I give to new teachers (and honestly any teacher who asks) is to focus on class community….

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Exploring Identity and Vulnerability

I have written many times about the importance of community to learning as well as how important community is to…

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3 Reasons You Should Focus On Class Community

I talk about community a lot both on my blog and in professional circles (see also Community). I spend a…

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Won’t You Celebrate With Me? Wrapping up my year write

The end of Spring Semester is always hard, but this year it seems particularly challenging for me (after all I…

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Visual literacy: Fake flyers, protest signs, and demotivational posters

My belief in the importance of visual literacy has grown over time. Not only is visual literacy important to our…