Notable Notes: (We Can Help You) Be The Thing You Teach

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Liz Prather recently suggested eight tips for “How To Become A Teacher Leader” and the first of those strategies, be the thing that you teach, really struck home with me, probably because the originator of that tip was my mentor as well as Liz’s and it is an idea that we consistently revisit at the Morehead Writing Project.

This idea is especially appropriate to consider as we build a cohort for the Morehead Writing Project’s fourth Online Summer Institute for a number of reasons. First, as you look ahead to your next teaching assignment you should think about what you will teach and how you can be that thing. Will you be teaching writers? Then you need to be a writer. Will you be using technology to support learning in your classroom? Then you need to embrace technology for your own learning. Will you be assigning projects? Then you should work on a project of your own first. Our Online Summer Institute can help you with all these things – and help you progress on your journey as a teacher leader as well. We will write in a community of writers supported by technology and social media. We will also use technology and social media to inspire and power our individual projects designed to meet our individual needs and goals as learners. If you participate in our fourth OSI then I can promise you that you will be the thing that you teach and both you and your students will benefit.

IMG_20150511_103550National Writing Project professional development is different from other forms of professional development. It is practical and hands-on and it is life-changing and it is effective. You can learn more about how National Writing Project professional development is among the most powerful and effective available here or read Vickie Moriarity’s description about how her NWP experience changed her classroom practice or my blog post about how NWP altered my life as well as my teaching. Even with 200 NWP sites offering professional development opportunities both this summer and throughout the year, it is not always possible for teachers to participate in a face-to-face synchronous event. That is why the Morehead Writing Project started our Online Summer Institute. We wanted to make it possible for every teacher to experience the power and magic that is NWP. Experience it and you can make these methods your own. You can be the thing you teach.

Finally, we know that we need to make our classrooms more collaborative just as we need to be more collaborative in our professional development. The National Writing Project is the most successful professional learning organization in existence. Come join Deanna Mascle, Liz Prather, and Vickie Moriariaty as we lead an amazing collaborative professional development experience this summer. There is still time to sign up for the Morehead Writing Project’s Online Summer Institute before we begin June 1 but space is limited so do not delay. Deanna’s experience includes classroom experience with both project-based learning and teaching with technology. Liz is an amazing and creative writing instructor. Vickie works regularly with struggling readers and writers and is a common core guru. Are you interested in learning more about any combination of these topics? Then we’ve got you covered.

Note: These 5 Reasons To Sign Up For Our Online NWP Summer Institute written in 2014 still hold true today


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