About Me

Short answer:

I teach writers and writing teachers both in person and online, direct the Morehead Writing Project, and run the Writing Studio at Morehead State University. I write about and research writing pedagogy and teaching with technology. I Tweet and Blog and post to Google+ about all these things (as well as post memes on these topics to Instagram). You can also check out my curated collections on ScoopIt to learn more about what interests me about writing and learning.

Long answer:

I earned my Ph.D. in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University (my dissertation was “Fostering Agency and Writing Self-Efficacy: The Making of a Writer”) and two master’s degree, an MA in English from Eastern Kentucky University and an MS in Secondary Education (English) from the University of Bridgeport (CT).

I started teaching at Morehead State University in 2001 and have taught developmental writing as well as Writing I and II. In addition, I have taught professional writing, technical composition, and creative writing as well as the Morehead Writing Project Summer Institute (six hours of graduate credit). I developed, piloted, and continue to teach online versions of Writing I, Writing II, and the Morehead Writing Project Institute. Professional writing is currently offered as an online class and I taught technical composition as a hybrid class. In addition, I designed a First Year Seminar, From the Walking Dead to Superheroes, which I have taught both online and face-to-face. I regularly use social media (Twitter, Google+, etc.) as well as a variety of publication platforms (Prezi to blogs and wikis to Popplet) in my teaching. My highly-interactive, project-driven classes are focused on community, reflection, and self-efficacy.

My research is in the area of writing pedagogy, in particular self-efficacy and agency, and teaching with technology. I am particularly interested in the ways that technology impacts self-efficacy, agency, and community; and the ways that community impacts writing development. I am currently playing at the intersection of project-based learning and connected learning and can’t wait to see what comes next. Check out my current publications and presentations and contact me if you’d like me to come work with a group of writers and/or educators near you.


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